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  Our Clients  

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As a world-leading consultancy in EU CE Marking, REACH, US FDA, China SFDA and CCC Mark regulatory issues, we at Wellkang are very proud that we have served clients and customers all over the world. Although most of our clients are small and medium companies, we have also served clients from Fortune 500 and multinational companies as well as governmental bodies and international organizations. Below is a brief list of some of them:

Governmental bodies and international organizations:

Advanced Science & Technology Institute, The Philippines - www.asti.dost.gov.ph
American Petroleum Institute, USA - www.api.org
Australian Department of Health and Ageing Library, Australia- www.health.gov.au
Bureau for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Henan Province, China
China-Britain Business Council - www.cbbc.org
China Textile Institute - www.cti.org.tw
CERIB (Centre d'Études et de Recherches de l’Industrie du Béton) - www.cerib.com
CSEM (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology) - www.csem.ch
CSIRO (Commonwealth Sci. & Ind. Research Organization) - www.csiro.au
CTAI (Centro de Tecnologia em Automação e Informática) -www.ctai.senai.br
Environmental Risk Management Authority New Zealand - www.ermanz.govt.nz
European Committee for Standardization (CEN) - www.cenorm.be
European Vermiculite Association - www.vermiculite.org.uk
Federation of Swiss Watch Industry - www.fhs.ch
Hong Kong Government Information Centre - www.info.gov.hk
Hospital Authority, Hong Kong - www.ha.org.hk
Inspection & Quarantine Technical Center of Zhejiang, China - www.ziq.gov.cn
Interferry- International Marine Transit Association - www.interferry.com
JETRO- Japan External Trade Organization - www.jetro.go.jp
Linköpings Universitet - www.liu.se
Korean Foundation for Quality - www.kfq.or.kr
Minnesota Trade Office (Minnesota Dept. of Trade) - www.exportminnesota.com
Mississippi Development Authority - www.mississippi.org
National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand - www.nstda.or.th
Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australia - www.commerceqld.com.au
SIS- Swedish Standards Institute - www.sis.se
Victorian Work Cover Authority, Australia - www.workcover.vic.gov.au
World Bank

Fortune 500 and multinational companies:

3M (Belgium) - www.3m.com
3M (Thailand) Ltd - www.3m.com/th
Abbott Laboratories - www.abbott.com
ABB-Asea Brown Boveri (Malaysia) - www.abb.com.my
AEA Technology, UK - www.aeat.co.uk
AE Kiki Engineering, Japan
AGFA - www.agfa.com
Alcatel (Australia) - www.alcatel.com.au
Ameron International, USA - www.ameron.com
Atrax Group, New Zealand - www.atraxgroup.com
Avid Medical, USA - www.avidmedical.com
Avista Laboratories - www.avistacorp.com
Axsys Technologies, USA - www.axsys.com
Baxter Healthcare Corp - www.baxter.com
Beijing Aerospace Changfeng, China - www.ascf-med.com
BenQ Group, Taiwan. RoC - www.BenQ.com
BHA Group, Inc. USA - www.bha.com
BMW Group, Germany - www.bmw.de
Bridgestone/Firestone, USA -www.bfusa.com
Changfeng Century Satellite, China - www.cbs-satcom.com
Chongqing Haifu (HIFU) Technology, China - www.haifu.com.cn
Computerized Thermal Imaging, Inc., USA - www.cti-net.com
CPFilms Solutia (UK) - www.cpfilms.com
Dell - www.dell.com
Draxis Health Inc., Canada - www.draxis.com
Dupont - www.dupont.com
EIKEN Chemical, Japan - www.eiken.co.jp
ELBIT Systems, Israel - www.elbit.co.il
Electrowatt-ekono Group - www.electrowatt-ekono.co.uk
Elliott, USA - www.elliott-turbo.com
Epson (Canada) - www.epson.com
Explosivos Tecnológicos Argentinos, Argentina - www.etasa.com
Fender Care - www.fendercare.com
Flextronics - www.flextronics.ie
Fujifilm (Brazil) - www.fujifilm.com.br
FUJIFILM Medical Systems - www.fujimed.com
Fujitsu - www.fujitsupc.com
Gardner Denver - www.gardnerdenver.com
Gates Corporation - www.gates.com
Gen-Probe Inc, USA - www.gen-probe.com
GE Licensing & Trading - corporate.ge.com
GE Medical Systems - www.med.ge.com
GE Power Systems - www.gepower.com
General Electric, USA - www.ge.com
General Electric (India) - www.ge.com
Hitachi Consumer Products (Thailand) - www.hitachi-asia.com
Hitachi (Europe) - www.hitachi-europe.com
Honeywell - www.honeywell.com
IMI Norgren - www.norgren.com
Industria de Turbo Propulsores, S.A., Spain - www.itp.es
Intel - www.intel.com
Intermagnetics, USA - www.igc.com
INTERTEK Testing Services - www.itslabtest.com
Invensys, UK - www.invensys.com
ITL, Australia - www.itlcorporation.com
ITS SEMKO - www.itsetlsemko-gz.com
Johnson & Johnson (Medical Devices) - www.jnj.com
KODAK, USA - www.kodak.com
KVH Industries - www.kvh.com
LG Electronics - www.lge.com
LifeScan, Inc - www.lifescan.com
Logitech (Ireland) - www.logitech.com
Lucent Technologies (UK) - www.lucent.co.uk
Lucent Technologies (China) -www.lucent.com.cn
McAfee Ireland Ltd - www.McAfee.com
MEMS Company (Egypt) - www.memscap.com
MICROS Systems, Inc. - www.micros.com
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (Japan) - www.mhi.co.jp
Mueller Industries (Europe) - www.muellereurope.com
NEC TOKIN Corp (Tokin EMC Engineering) - www.nec-tokin.com
Nintendo - www.nintendo.com
NIKE - www.nike.com
Niro Inc, USA - www.niroinc.com
Novartis AG, Switzerland - www.novartis.com
Orange (UK) - www.orange.co.uk
Outokumpu Technology - www.outokumpu.com
Page Europa S.P.A - www.pageuropa.it
Parker Hannifin Corp., USA - www.parker.com
PerkinElmer (Singapore) - www.perkinelmer.com
Polaroid - www.polaroid.com
Raidco Marine, France - www.raidco.com
SAIC - www.saic.com
Saint Gobain Group, France - www.saint-gobain.com
Samsung, South Korea - www.samsung.com
Schlumberger Oilfield Services, USA - www.slb.com
SGS- Société Générale de Surveillance S.A. - www.sgs.com
Shanghai Medical Industry (Group) Corp. (SMIC), China - www.smaf-163.com
Siemens (Medical Solutions) - www.siemens.com
SinoChem- China Chemical Imp/Exp Corp - www.sinochem.com
Singapore Power, Singapore - www.spower.com.sg
Steiner - www.steinerleisure.com
Stuart Energy Systems Inc, Canada - www.stuartenergy.com
Sumitomo (Europe) - www.sews-e.com
Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions AB (Sweden) - www.tetrapak.com
TCL Mobile Communication Co. Ltd - www.tclmobile.com.cn
Thales Group - www.thalesgroup.com
Timken Company, USA - www.timken.com
Titan Scan Technologies, USA - www.titan.com
Truly International, Hong Kong - www.truly.com.hk
UL International Service Ltd. - www.ul.com
Universal Studios, USA - www.universalorlando.com
USG- United States Gypsum Corporation - www.usg.com
UTC- United Technologies Corporation, USA - www.utc.com
Vital Signs Inc. - www.vital-signs.com
Woodward Governor, USA - www.woodward.com