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Who we are

Wellkang® is a registered trademark.

Wellkang group of companies consists of:

Wellkang Ltd,
Wellkang EEA Ltd,
Wellkang Consulting (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

Wellkang help worldwide exporters to gain global market access. Wellkang have offices in Asia, Europe and America. A world leading consultancy offers you excellent services at competitive prices!

Wellkang Group is a world leading consultancy group specialized in global regulatory affairs such as: European Union & EFTA product safety requirement- CE Marking, REACH; European regulations on cosmetic products; US FDA compliance including Food registration, Medical device 510(k) PMN submission; UL mark; China Compulsory Certification- CCC Mark, etc.

Wellkang is proud of having served clients/customers from more than 100 countries among which are Fortune 500, multinational companies as well as governmental authorities and international organizations. One of our websites, www.CE-marking.org, has been constantly ranked on top for search keyword CE marking by major search engines such as: Google for over 10 years. Wellkang has been placed and highly ranked among world's top Consultancy selected by the world's most prestigious web directories.

What can we do for you?

Wellkang can offer you professional consulting services in a multi-lingual environment.
  • Wellkang offers services to both non-EU and EU manufacturers who need CE Marking for their products' entering into and/or being freely circulated in the European market.

  • Wellkang is your EU Authorized Representative who confidentially maintains your technical file and registers your IVD and Class I Medical Devices products with the Competent Authorities in Europe.

  • Wellkang is your REACH Only Representative within the EU who will help you in the pre-registration and/or registration of chemicals with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). If you manufacture, import, or use chemicals, or import articles, the pre-registration period 1 June 2008 – 1 December 2008 is a critical time for your business. Companies from outside the EU can not register substances themselves, they can appoint an Only Representative within EU. Please visit www.REACHor.com to learn more...

  • As a world-leading consultancy in CCC-China Compulsory Certification mark, Wellkang Tech Consulting provides worldwide clients with professional, reliable and cost-effective services in acquiring the CCC mark for their products. >> click to learn more

  • There are much more Wellkang Group can do for you upon your request!

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