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Privacy Statement

Privacy is a very serious matter for Wellkang. In order to process your request, we must know basic contact information such as your full name, address, phone/fax numbers, e-mail address, and method of payment, etc. All required information is kept internally and is never shared with third parties.

Delivery Standards & Refund Policy
  1. Any hardware product purchased from Wellkang will be dispatched within normally three weeks after the full payment has been received. If a shopper (individual) purchases a product (hardware) for personal use from Wellkang, the shopper have the rights to cancel the purchase within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the goods on conditions that the product has never be used and the shopper must send back (with the postage paid fully) the product in its original package to Wellkang. Wellkang will refund the payment upon the receipt of the product. Any fee(s) charged by third parties including banks is/are on the shoppers own expense(s).
  2. If a shopper purchases an internet domain name, and the ordered domain name is found to be NOT available at the moment of registration, the shopper has the rights to select an alternative available domain name at the same cost or request a refund of payment made to Wellkang. Any fee(s) charged by third parties including banks is/are on the shoppers own expense(s). However, the payment for an internet domain name can not be refunded after the domain name is successfully registered.
  3. If a shopper purchases any product in the form of "information" including Publications, Files, Documents, Piece of information in electronic form, the product will be delivered via email and/or download within normally five (5) business days after the full payment has been received. Due to the nature of the product, i.e. information, no refund can be granted to the shopper as long as the "information" (including username and password for login/down-loading, if applicable) is delivered via email to the shoppers email address. If the shopper does not, for any reason, receive the delivered information, the shopper always has the rights to request Wellkang for re-delivery of the "information" via email.
  4. If a shopper purchases Wellkangs service such as registering a trade mark, design or patent, product registration, etc. Wellkangs service fee can not be refunded if the shopper does not follow up the procedures or decides to withdraw or abandon the application.
  5. If a shopper purchases Wellkangs services in order to conduct any activity which is later found illegal or against the British, Chinese, US, EU or international laws, Wellkang has the rights to terminate the providing of the service to the shopper and no refund will be given to the shopper.
  6. If a shopper is found to try to jeopardize the security of, such as but not limited to "hack", Wellkangs (or Wellkangs service providers) Web Servers, Email Servers, and/or network systems, Wellkang has the rights to terminate the providing of the service to the shopper and no refund will be given to the shopper. Wellkang reserves the rights to take any legal actions against the shopper.

Anti-SPAM Policy

To contact Wellkang, please always use our online feedback or inquiry forms.
Any un-solicited (including spam) emails will be deleted automatically and may never reach us.
Our system blocks and deletes automatically, without notice to the sender, emails originated from known IP numbers and email addresses which have/had been used to send SPAM or junk emails. Wellkang can therefore not guarantee the receipt of any emails sent to us without using one of the online feedback or inquiry forms placed at any of Wellkang´s websites.

SPAM and Scam Alert!

Wellkang never send out un-solicited SPAM messages!
Wellkang is NOT recruiting representatives, be aware of Company Representative Scam!
Please refer Wellkang's Warning & Notice..

Terms of Use, Copyrights and Disclaimer

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We do not accept any responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any error or omission.
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can be granted, upon request, FREE of charge if the use is exclusively for non-profit, educational or research purpose.

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